Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lindy's Stamp Gang Birthday Hop & Sale ❤

Hello My Sweet Friends!

Hope all is well, it's been too long!!  But it's Lindy's Birthday Blog Hop and SALE, so I had to come out of my self imposed hiatus, LOL!  I'm sure y'all know how it is... you're sailing along in life, whistling a happy tune, and out of nowhere big, heaping mounds of stuff just land on your plate with a big old "plop!" Not that I'm complaining... 'cause it's all good... all the things I'm happy and grateful to have... keeping my days fun and full of just everyday living! 
 And that's a blessing, right?!?! 
So, for the Blog Hop the Design Team has lots of eye candy for you all to feast upon!  And my friends, it wouldn't be a birthday party with out some presents!!!  You're gonna wanna visit us all 'cause Lindy's Stamp Gang is giving YOU guys the presents at this party!

If you happened to visit me first be sure to head back on over to http://lindystampgang.blogspot.com!  Next in the blog hop line-up is Jessica, and you can find her at http://canyoupixelthis.com 
and theennnn... ME

Here's my birthday themed project:


I used Salt Water Taffy on this I Am Roses white flower.
My mom crocheted the bigger flower and I sprayed it with Gregarious Grey
The honeycomb skirt was sprayed with Cotton Candy Pink,
and behind the dress is a Laser cut-out accent.
Okay now, let's review, (haha sorry guys-that's the teacher in me talking) Be sure to start at the Lindy's Blog and leave comments along the way to increase your chances of getting a present! After Lindy's, Jessica's blog it next, then my blog is the 3rd stop... and off you go! 
The next blog you should visit is
Ivett's, and you can find her 

And just in case you get lost along the way here's the full list in order :)

* (glad you're here!) Yvonne- http://scrappingisbliss.blogspot.com/

Well My Sweet Friends, that is all for now! 
Take care, enjoy the hop, and I hope YOU win!!