Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer's Done...

Hello My Friends!
Hope all is well... as for me, I'm crafting away my last weekend of summer break!  It was an awesome summer.  I spent a lot of time visiting my hometown, New York City... I visited with family in New Jersey... remodeled my bathroom... and finally, my culminating activity - I drove my daughter back to school for her senior year of college!!! OMG!!!  We totally enjoyed the 14 hour drive, but boy did that last hour hurt.  Here's the best part of the trip... I found a Scrapbook Convention in a neighboring town! Woohoo!  I was thrilled with all the goodies I found there.  I used some of them to work on some my last projects.  Today I want to share the project I made for Tsunami Rose.  Did I tell you I've joined her Design Team?  Well I have, and here's what I made using her printable Crown Roses (Teal):


You can find the printable I used here:
Isn't it pretty!

Well, bloggin' buddies, thanks you for visiting today.  I hope you enjoyed the pics, and I hope your summer had been as fabulous as mine!

Big Hugs!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Color Challenge!

Hello my blog buddies!

Today I worked on the tag that I'll submit to Iralamija's "Sweet Aqua & Gold" challenge.  
I was really drawn to this challenge for two reasons
One, I love everything Bety Jennings does!
And two, because I don't think it would have 
ever occurred to me to use these two particular colors together.
So what better reason to give it a shot!

Here's the tag I put together:

Another part of the challenge was to use digital items 
purchased from her Etsy store.

I used the following items:

Well my friends, that's all for now! I hope you'll check out her goodies at
She's definitely my "shabby chic" hero and if you're a fan of that style,
I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!
Once you do, be sure to join her challenge, I'd love to see what 
you do with this fun and interesting mix!
Happy Scrapping and
Big Hugs,


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thank You Cards & HELLO!!!

My Sweet Blogging Buddies...
It's been too long!!! I hope you are all well, and surviving the last throes of the summer heat wave!  I have a little project I wanted to share with y'all.  It's a collections of "Thank You" cards.  I made them for my daughter.  She completed a summer internship today. It was an incredible experience, and she wanted to thank the people who helped her and mentored her.  Of course, I was happy to obliged - 'cause really, you don't have to ask me twice to make something!  So while I was happily toying around at my scrap desk, I had a chance to reflect on all that I should be thankful for. And boy did I need that... especially since I had had a particularly grumpy week.  My microwave oven, my Keurig, and my toaster all broke down in a span of a few consecutive days... I thought I was being punked! Long story short, sometimes you need to take a minute and forget about all the things that have gone wrong and focus on all the things that are... just right.  Can I get an Amen?!?!

And here they are, my random, albeit therapeutic, assortment of "Thank You" cards...

So if you find yourself needing a little bit of crafting therapy, I highly recommend you start with a visit to your local scrapbook store (LSS) and get yourself started!  If you happen to be in my neighborhood, let me know, 'cause I know a little spot that always has exactly what I need...
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you can leave a comment and let me know how you're doing! Love hearing from y'all!  Big Hugs!!