Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer's Done...

Hello My Friends!
Hope all is well... as for me, I'm crafting away my last weekend of summer break!  It was an awesome summer.  I spent a lot of time visiting my hometown, New York City... I visited with family in New Jersey... remodeled my bathroom... and finally, my culminating activity - I drove my daughter back to school for her senior year of college!!! OMG!!!  We totally enjoyed the 14 hour drive, but boy did that last hour hurt.  Here's the best part of the trip... I found a Scrapbook Convention in a neighboring town! Woohoo!  I was thrilled with all the goodies I found there.  I used some of them to work on some my last projects.  Today I want to share the project I made for Tsunami Rose.  Did I tell you I've joined her Design Team?  Well I have, and here's what I made using her printable Crown Roses (Teal):


You can find the printable I used here:
Isn't it pretty!

Well, bloggin' buddies, thanks you for visiting today.  I hope you enjoyed the pics, and I hope your summer had been as fabulous as mine!

Big Hugs!


  1. Gorgeous as always Yvonne! I'm happy you had a great summer and visited NY (you're gonna get it...LOL). Seriously, gorgeous work and again happy you had a wonderful summer!

  2. Love it, its so gorgeous.

    Moira xx

  3. Wowsers!!! Simply gorgeous and in my favor color...TEAL!!! LOVE!!!

  4. Just beautiful paper and gorgeous tag!
    I love the colors too.

  5. Gorgeous and I love it. He he... Hugs!!

  6. Gorgeous and I love it. He he... Hugs!!