Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pocket Letter Pals

Hello there Pals!
Soooo, just in case you haven't heard… There's a new trend ravaging our little crafting community!!! But you must have heard!  It all started on Instagram, and quickly spread like wild fire!  It's a new and creative way of corresponding with a pen-pal!

Pocket Letters were created by Janette Lane; her idea was both simple and yet so amazing!  Basically, you use a traditional baseball card collecter's sleeve, and fill each pocket with a little something.  First and far most, include a letter for your "pal," and then some tags, some goodies, and maybe even a little bit of tea!  Each pocket is 2.5 x 3.5, which happens to be the exact size of an ATC (Artist Trading Card.)

So of course, the chance to make 9 ATCs to swap with a new friend, and share goodies with them, is driving paper crafters like me nuts!!! It's so much fun and soooo addictive!  Here is the last one I made, I finished it just tonight!  It features the prettiest paper designed my sweet friend Daisy Collins aka Tsunami Rose.  It's her latest journal kit and can be found in her shop here.  It is appropriately name Rose Azure, and it is as lovely as it's name.
Here is my Pocket Letter:

So there it is… my Pocket Letter, all ready to be shipped off to a new Pal!
If you haven't already you should definitely give it a try.  And seriously when
you have amazing paper to work with, the Pocket Letters practically make themselves!

And this paper collection is ah-mazing! I love everything about it... the grungy
shabby "chicness" it embodies.  The rich full bodied colors, the vintage designs...
every element Daisy used fits perfectly and harmoniously.

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Thank you guys for stopping by!
Happy Scrapping & Paper Crafting!!