Sunday, October 23, 2011

Princess Marci + I Am Roses = PERFECT

Hello there my lovely friends!
Sooo happy that I finally made it down to my local scrapbook store
(LSS) to pick up a new LaLaLand Crafts Stamp.
It was hard to pick which little darling I should take home with me, 
but I decided on Princess Marci!

And here she is:

Pretty darn cute, isn't she!?
I put this card together using some of my favorite things...
Pixie Glen 6x6 paper by Prima
Copic Markers
Ribbon, Lace, and Flowers of course...

I also used a Spanish stamp from "Dilo En Español" 
by Scrapbookaholic Abby! I used "Para la Quinceañera," 
which is a young lady who's turing 15 - it's 
equivalent to a young lady celebrating her Sweet 16.

Here's the final project...

Well my bloggin' buddies, 
thank you so much for stopping by, 
I hope you'll come back and visit often : )


  1. Aww I love her. she's adorable. Beautiful card!!!
    As always.... Awesome!!
    love ya

  2. Buen Dia Ivonne regresandote la visita a mi blog ..... muy bella tu card me encanto el digi stamp esta muy bonito