Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glad you've stopped by! I have a quickie for you today! I tried a new technique with this La-La Land Craft image (Marci.)  I colored her up using TH Distress Ink marker, along with a mini spritzer and a paint brush.  

I was very apprehensive at first, but I was able to get a little shading worked in on the hair and her dress...but not so much on her face.  I'm going to have to keep working on that!  So yeah, it's a thank you card (Gracias,) which I've already sent out to it's intended recipient.  

I think for my next distress ink attempt, I'll be better off using one of Abby's new stamps by Megan Saurez.  The collection contains just face images which might be easier for me until I get the hang of coloring with a different media. 

I am, however super excited over the impression I got from the "Gracias" stamp you see here (which you can of course find at Abby's store.)  I tried Abby's recommendation for preping the stamps before use, and I most say, it's working like a charm!  And for those who missed Abby's tip, here it is... Lightly sand down the surface of the stamp before it's first use.  And please note the key and critical word here is LIGHTLY!  I used a nail buffer to "sand" mine down, and now they work perfectly!

Well, thank you for visiting and I hope you'll return!


  1. She is sooo cute. YOur coloring is awesome. I love the way the hair came out. Hey did you notice your cards goes perfect with your blog page. LOL
    Beautiful card!!

  2. I think you did a great job! I'm not one much for coloring; the whole Copic thing has passed me by. But, I am a big Tim Holtz fan, so I have the Destress Markers and I think I'll have to give it a try.